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Medicare Supplement Plans in Maryland

If you have questions about Maryland Medicare Supplement plans, you’re not alone. The following information will make it easier for you to understand the different plans options, how they rate each plans premium, eligibility and where to get started with enrolling by phone or online.

Maryland Medicare Supplement Plans

Maryland Medicare Supplemental insurance plans pay for costs not always covered by Medicare Part A and Part B plans. For instance, a policy might pay for international medical treatment and up to 3 pints of blood per year if a patient needs it. It also provides coinsurance, deductible and co-payment funding. Medicare only pays 80% of your medical costs, your supplement plan will cover the remaining 20% as well as other out of pockets costs.

The state of Maryland has 10 Medicare Supplement plans available to residents, lettered from A-N. Plan A includes the basic core policy benefits that are also included across all letter plans. Medicare Supplemental Plan K and L Are known to be the two cost sharing plans. They only pay a percentage of your Part B coinsurance or co-payment, Hospice Care co-payment or coinsurance, skilled nursing facility care, Part A deductible and the first 3 pints of blood. These cost sharing plans do not cover any foreign travel emergency medical care. If you’re looking for foreign travel emergency coverage, Plan C, D, F and Medicare Supplement Plan G coverage will cover costs up to your plan limits. There’s also a Medicare Supplement high-deductible Plan F that offers the option to pay a higher deductible to reduce your monthly premium.

Eligibility for State of Maryland Medicare Supplemental Insurance

State of Maryland Medicare Supplemental insurance is available to Medicare recipients who are 65 years of age or older and are also enrolled in Part B Medicare.

Maryland Medicare Supplement Under 65

In some cases, you can purchase a Maryland Medicare Supplement if you’re under 65. Not all supplement plans will be available, in Maryland they offer Medigap insurance Plan C and A to those under 65 years of age that are on disability and receiving benefits from Medicare.

Maryland Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance & Pre-Existing Conditions

Maryland Medicare Supplemental health insurance is still available to you even if you have a pre-existing condition as long as you enroll during your Open Enrollment Period. You may still apply outside your OEP, but you won’t be given guaranteed issue. This means a provider can deny you coverage due to pre-existing conditions. No medical underwriting will be required if you enroll during your OEP, which last six months. Your six-month time frame will begin the first day of the month that you turn 65 and are also enrolled in Medicare Part B. For example, if you turned 65 on April 15th, but didn’t enroll in your Part B of Medicare until June 2nd, this means your OEP will begin July 1st.

How Many People Will the Plan Cover?

  • All MD Medicare Supplement plans can only cover one individual person, you and your spouse would need to purchase a separate policy.

Do the Plans Include Prescription Drug Coverage?

  • No, it does not as of 2006. You would need to sign up for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan D.

What About Hearing Aids, Dental Appointments, or Long-Term Nursing Care?

  • No, Maryland Medicare Supplemental policies, or any policy in any state, do not cover these expenses.

When’s the Best Time to Sign Up?

  • As stated above, the best time to sign up for Maryland Medicare Supplemental health plans is during the Open Enrollment period that starts after your 65th birthday and lasts for six months.

Sign Up for Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Online

If you have more questions regarding supplement plans, head over to our FAQ section. To sign up for Medicare Supplemental health insurance online, please fill out the compare rates form here. If you prefer to speak to a licensed agent in your state, you can call the number above. Our experienced senior agents are ready to help you compare rates with all the top rated Medicare Supplement providers in Maryland.

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