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What Things You Must Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer After Car Accident

Car accident can cause a lot of pain and trauma for a person. Often people do not know what should be done post the accident. In such cases, your best support can be a competent and reliable personal injury lawyer. They would guide you with the best workable strategies to take you smoothly through this tough time of this life.

Are there any possibilities to obtain compensation?

The amount of compensation is the commonest question asked by car accident victims. It is the obvious questions as the entire process of hiring a lawyer and executing a lawsuit is done for one big reason and, i.e., compensation.

Any victim would definitely wish that all the expenditure that has been incurred in the form of medical treatment, medical bills, repair of damaged car parts and loss of earnings for not being able to go to work gets compensated by the compensation received by him. Christopher Simon is one of the highly reputed and experienced auto accident and wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia state, USA.

Having the right personal injury lawyer by your side would definitely help in understanding the reality of the case. He would understand your case thoroughly. Based on the observation, he would tell you about the chances of winning and the amount of compensation that is reasonable to expect post successful dealing with the case.

What will be your part in representing me with the insurer?

You need to apply for claim to the insurer company. This is a very important step that needs to be dealt with great care, sensibility, assertiveness and precision. A personal accident lawyer has to be well prepared with all the needed documentation, supporting evidence and should possess effective negotiation skills when dealing with the insurance company.

It is the responsibility of the lawyer, who you hire to represent your case effectively in front of the insurer. He should use his in-depth knowledge of insurance laws to turn the case in your favor.

For how long will I be required to file claims and lawsuits?

Before planning to file a lawsuit, it is important to know how long will the case run. The period required for successful execution of the case depends on the state laws. Each state has their own requirements to file for claims and suits.

It is important that your lawyer does not keep you in the dark and clears the situation beforehand. By getting a fair idea of the actual duration for which a case is supposed to run, will help you make better decisions. You can then plan whether you should go filing the case. Also, the compensation amount will be taken into consideration when making your decision.


After a car accident, you need a person who would not just reduce your anxieties associated with the accident, but also stand by you, during that tough period. These questions would definitely help you in determining the best lawyer for your case and also the compensation he deserves.

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