Calling Auto Accident Lawyer Is Crucial – Be Prepared for First Consultation

A car accident can overturn your life upside down. In addition, suffering serious injuries and getting hospitalized is the worst scenario.  You are in pain and without a vehicle. It is a confusing situation and you don’t know whom to call – the insurance adjuster or car accident lawyer.

Insurance adjusters are different than you have seen on commercials. From the moment you start talking they will not look for ways to help pay claims but look for ways of denying it.

Insurance companies collect monthly premiums and pay some from it against the claims. Their earnings are the premiums taken minus the claim amount. So logically the approach they take to increase their income is keep on denying the claims. So, it is not wise to call an insurance adjuster, but first approach personal injury lawyer.

In the US, Khan Law Firm specializes in protecting car crash victims to get fair compensation for their vehicle and personal injuries. After a car accident, it is crucial to talk with car adjuster in front of your lawyer.

Example – Why a lawyer is really needed? Obviously, if a lawyer is hired 1/3rd of your compensation will be used in paying their fees. However, you can perceive this in a different way. Lawyers are better negotiators and insurance adjusters are always on the mode of paying extremely less to unrepresented claimants. A $5000 claim can get settled at $500. A legal representative helps the victim to get a fair claim amount.

Before calling a lawyer, several preparations are necessary

Get witness information

During an accident, if you are physically not injured and feel fit then get the contact numbers and name of people who witnessed the crash. If police were called then a police report can hold a list of one or two witness. The police will not bother to ask more witness, if any.

Get pictures of car damage

Everyone carries a Smartphone, so if you can take photos of leg swelling, blood on seatbelt or laptop getting hurled on the floor and broken. Insurance adjuster offers unfair settlement saying the collision was not grave, after they see pictures of bent bumper.

Order police report

Different police stations have different process. A small fee will be needed to process and copy the written police report about the accident. Your lawyer will need to review the police report to take action, promptly.

Get repair estimate

An insurance adjuster will suggest cheerfully to take your wrecked car to a recommended body shop for repairs. It is not compulsory to visit the recommended shop. Recommended shops are popular to perform substandard repairs. You can go to your personal mechanic.

Avoid being tough

If you got injured then see a doctor. Being tough and not showing pain is a huge obstacle to attain fair settlement. The insurance company is not concerned of why you did not go to the doctor, as soon as there was a crash. For them it means, you were not in pain. Have your medical file ready with names of doctors and nurses that attended along with medical treatments performed. Every detail related to the accident and treatment needs to be compiled.

Going prepared to a lawyer is good for your sake. You can get good legal advice after a better evaluation, if important papers are provided in the initial consultation.

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