Honesty Is The top policy during custody proceedings

Throughout custody hearing (mainly highly contested hearings) it is remarkable for you to bear in mind that your actions or in-actions are being noticed by the courts and all those engaged in the custody hearing. Never guess that something you may have done in your past, will not come out in court. Most likely, during litigation,  a person will find out about what you have fears about and want to keep hidden. Anyway, the bad thing you can do is hide something like a previous child endangerment charge or domestic assault from the attorney. No one loves to be shocked by things they did not know or have not prepared for in court, especially your Law Offices of Evan Braunstein attorneys who is there to fight for you.

Parents involved in a heated custody war want to look as best as possible to gain a benefit with the courts and no one wants to have to admit previous errors. Anyway, the significance of being honest with the person who is working for you during litigation can be a big deciding factor in how your case is handled in court and may affect the result of your case.

We are all human have made errors or bad choices from time to time, and most attorneys have seen and heard a lot; so do not be embarrassed or afraid to talk any concerns or topics with your lawyer. The more a lawyer knows about you and your conditions and what may “pop up” at trail, the more perfectly they can prepare and deliver the top possible legal representation for you and your custody negotiations. Your lawyer needs to know all the facts so they can decide on the most perfect way to deal with any problems before they arise in court during a cross examination. Knowing as much as easy can help your lawyer to be as prepared as easy.

Presenting detail for the court as to your capability and desire to be the top parent you can for your children is also very vital. Tell your lawyer will the things you do for your children. Let them know if you coach your child or job in volunteer groups for him or her. Talk the volunteer work you may perform with your community. Keep record of your involvement with the school and your kids daily to day activities. Keep track of your regular payments of any support you are making, or any bills you are paying on your kids behalf. Keeping a lot of your variations is also a best idea.

If you are dishonest or uncommunicative with your lawyer, you may not get a right assessment of your case. Your lawyer also may withdraw from your case. Changing lawyers midstream can be costly and time wasting for all.

By just committing to being honest and candid,  you will get peace of mind, while also maintaining your dignity, as you move forward in your life.



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