Saving for Insurance


When it comes to paying for insurance, many of us either can’t afford or can barely afford, making the right financial decision that of choosing to forego paying for costly insurance. This is tragic, as insurance is not only a great boon to many, but it is also a necessity for many more. Insurance coverage, whether it’s medical, auto, home, etc. is of great importance to modern living by making prohibitively expensive services far more affordable. However, even that is not always enough. Here are a few tips to make affording insurance no longer a dream, but a reality.


First and foremost, save any way that you can. Cutting costs elsewhere is step one to stretching your dollar that much further, and savings on the products you buy and need the most is the place to start. So, keep your eyes peeled for sales and coupons with your favorites retailers, such as Lord and Taylor, or on your favorite products. Likewise, finding off brand alternatives for the products you need is a great step toward savings. In many cases, if not most cases, off brand items are just as good as the name brand variety, so there’s often no reason not to take the cheaper route.

Another way to save up for more important and expensive expenditures is to simply spend less on frivolous items and services. For example, if your hobby is somewhat expensive, such as is the case with video games, simply buy games much less often and try to wait for sales. While, for mental health reasons, I would never deign to suggest that you should cut hobbies whole sale out of your life, making them more affordable is a must for those of us that cannot afford something as essential as insurance.

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