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Offering Legal usage of the Latino Local community

With Lista Legitimate with are usually expanding the degree of access for the Law for your Latino local community, furthering our own mission to offer updated legal details, and an instant and hassle-free way to take pleasure from questions and also answers directly from other smartphone.

“Lista Legitimate democratizes usage of legal responses and resources for your latino community irrespective of their immigration position or obtain power. “- mentioned Lista Legal’s TOP DOG and co-founder Alex Uria. “Customers can will will have instant usage of the sophisticated legal support and remedies in Speaking spanish. Lista Legitimate is offering everyone using a smartphone usage of the legitimate system.

Situated in San Diego, LOS ANGELES, Lista Legal can be a web application produced by latino internet marketers who immigrants and possess lived the particular hardships with the legal method first palm. Lista Legitimate allows users to spotlight getting remedies, accessing Legislation news, legal professionals, questions and also answers with their legal inquiries without chipping out there every dime.

Lista Legitimate delivers Legal aid in Spanish by means of:
Attorneys and also non-attorneys who is able to quickly notice and answer legal inquiries,
Answers are usually voted about and commented so that it provides an easy or certain understanding for the legal make a difference,
Search regarding attorneys that are rated and possess experience working together with Latinos,
Direct-to-consumer, on-demand responses to legitimate matters all and never having to schedule a session, get around the phone and at no cost.
Lista Legitimate is drastically improving the usage of legal services for your latino local community and is regarded as thought head and innovating inside the archaic and also expensive legitimate system.

What exactly is Lista Legitimate?
Lista Legal can be an attorney directory that has been born with thinking about putting together a listing of attorneys in every different legitimate areas. These legal professionals are knowledgeable and present passion and also motivation to aid the latino community making use of their legal wants. It’s not just a requirement for your attorneys to be able to speak Speaking spanish but since a lot of them have a long time of experience working together with latinos it’s not surprising that lots of the attorneys inside Lista Legitimate are hispanic, speak Speaking spanish or have got someone inside their law training who echoes Spanish.

Necesita not abogado de inmigración en Houston Arizona? Nosotros podemos ayudarle.

We ensure it is easy regarding latinos to have together having an attorney they could trust!

Is Lista Legal legal counsel Referral Program?
No. Lista Legal just isn’t a Attorney at law Referral Program. Lista Legitimate is among the many directories that provide attorney listings on the net in the usa, the variation being that individuals concentrate about helping the particular hispanic community connect to like minded attorneys. We usually do not charge any fee regarding referring visitors to a attorney at law. Lista Legitimate presents the particular attorneys’ information you might say that’s user friendly for the particular visitors, enabling you to work together with relevant attorneys within your proximity. The record includes features just like the website deal with, profile outline, phone amount, email, social media marketing links, critiques, etc.

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